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The Slutwalk Munich is a local feminist initiative. We fight for sexual self-determination and the recognition of sexual diversity (also beyond the binary gender order). Our focus is on protesting against sexualized violence and its trivialization and justification.

We have been holding a demonstration in Munich every year since 2011. We are also present at other events, such as the CSD (Christopher Street Day) or the Streetlife Festival, and we are active on social media all year round. We regularly produce our own podcast, the Sluttalk. We are also happy to be available for interviews.

We act on a voluntary basis.

Slutwalks are a global movement. It began in Toronto, Canada, in 2011, after a police officer made a statement at a crime prevention event that women shouldn't dress like sluts if they don't want to become victims of sexual violence. This statement led to a wave of outrage and worldwide protest marches: the slutwalks.

This way of thinking is still widespread in our society: victim blaming in sexualised violence goes hand in hand with the condemnation and devaluation of women, in particular, who dress sexy or are sexually active, as a "slut" (slut shaming).

That is why we demonstrate every year for the inviolability of the sexual integrity of all people.


Our demos are open to all people of all sexes, origins and sexual orientations. Since we are committed to diversity and equality, Nazis and racists as well as TERFs (1) and SWERFs (2) are not welcome at our demo. The event is nonpartisan, so please don’t bring any flags or advertising materials from political parties. There is no dress code. Whether in a mini skirt or turtleneck sweater - you are welcome in any outfit!

You can find more details about our attitude in our manifesto.

(1) TERF is an abbreviation for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. The term describes a radical feminist attitude that does not recognize trans women as women and excludes trans people.

(2) SWERF is an abbreviation for Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Analogous to TERFs, the term denotes a radical feminist attitude that excludes sex workers.

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